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Its tone has a sympathetic quality which distinguishes it from all others and which musicians say they find in no other piano. Lowell Mason, who has been called the father of church music in America. A leader of the highest integrity, with exquisite taste and a refined musical nature, he was of devoted to the arts since graduating from Harvard in Supplementing his training in every department of the business enjoyed a wide acquaintance with the leading musicians of the world at that time and a sensitive, intuitive appreciation of their individual natures, aims and aspirations. No family has contributed more to the progress of music in America than the Masons of Massachusetts and New York. Their forebears first touched these shores at Plymouth in the company of the Mayflower. During the first half of the 19th century, Professor Lowell Mason of The Boston Academy of Music was recognized as the outstanding musical figure of his day. Through his militant efforts, and the free gift of his time as a patient instructor, the teaching of music in the public school curriculum had its advent in Boston in To the millions of school children who now enjoy that privilege all over America, he is as much a patron saint as is Horace Mann the father of the common schools.

Finding the Age of Your Yamaha Piano

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Studio photo of Henry E. Steinway taken by the photographer Mathew Brady Virtually all critical design elements of the Steinway ‘D’ were developed during the 19th century. Among them are the action and string scale designs perfected by Henry Steinway, Jr. Theodor Steinway, another of the founder’s sons; the trapwork pedals , first devised by Albert Steinway, a third son; and most aspects of the soundboard.

Since those early years, only two notable improvements have been made: Steinway , had built a grand piano in the so-called “kitchen grand” , which today is preserved at the Steinway Hall in New York City. Such grand pianos with a limited keyset of 6 or 6. This was foreshadowed in the s when grand pianos were given harps or frames of cast iron. Initially employed to accommodate the cumulative and extraordinary tension of the strings, thereby protecting the wooden structure from destruction, iron frames quickly facilitated a dramatic increase in string tension.

With increased string tension came increased power and projection.

How old is my Rhodes? What year was it made?

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Made in Paris, Following an initial training in modern piano technology Lucy Coad completed a three year apprenticeship with conservator Tim Hamilton specialising in the conservation and restoration of historical pianofortes. In response to the growing need to conserve and repair surviving instruments in private and public ownership, Lucy later chose to further specialise in square pianos. Our work ranges from the making of a single string through to the complete rebuilding of structurally failed instruments.

Our experience is considerable, with a huge number of instruments having come through the workshop, from clients worldwide that include national heritage bodies, museums, private collectors, dealers, colleges of music, royal schools and performers both amateur and professional. Pianos are prepared to meet differing requirements, from conservation for display only through to performance standard, and always with the expertise, care and respect due to early instruments.

How Old Is My Piano

Wood Types Dating Pianos Invariably we come before a square piano and want to know how old it is. Generally, the most satisfying answer would take us to an exact year. The reality is that this is not always possible, even for pianos made for very well known firms. Style and construction are strong indicators of the general period a piano was made.

How Old Is My Piano Curious about the age of your piano? In most cases we can help you determine the age of your piano based on the brand and serial e of the tremendous demand for information about the age and manufacturers of the over 12, brands of pianos, we charge a nominal fee of $ for this service.

It is the oldest surviving piano. The piano was invented by harpsichord maker Bartolomeo Cristofori in Florence around the turn of the 18th century. The first reliable record of a piano appears in the inventory of the Medici family who were Cristofori’s patrons , dated Cristofori continued to develop the instrument until the s, the time from which the surviving three Cristofori instruments date. Cristofori is perhaps best admired today for his ingenious piano action, which in some ways was more subtle and effective than that of many later instruments.

However, other innovations were also needed to make the piano possible. Merely attaching the Cristofori action to a harpsichord would have produced a very weak tone. Cristofori’s instruments instead used thicker, tenser strings, mounted on a frame considerably more robust than that of contemporary harpsichords. As with all virtually later pianos, in Cristofori’s instruments the hammers struck more than one string at a time; Cristofori used pairs of strings throughout the range.

Cristofori was also the first to incorporate a form of soft pedal into a piano the mechanism by which the hammers are made to strike fewer than the maximum number of strings; Cristofori’s was a hand stop.

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Only a minority of piano makers have ever published dates of their serial numbers, and many of these are incorrect or misleading, so on this page, I have only included dates for which I have some evidence. If you open the top of a piano and peer inside, you will often find one or more numbers in there. Sometimes, they are harder to see, and may be underneath a grand, so be aware of the dangers of crawling under there.

Removable wooden parts of the case are often imprinted with a number, but this may only be the last 3 digits of serial numbers, which are usually long numbers, at least 5 digits.

Whilst you’re here why not see all of our current Yamaha pianos for sale on our Stocklist?Now, on with the serial number information For the purposes of dating, you can ignore the H, M, A, or other letters that may appear before the numbers.

Leading brands, such as Steinway or Bechstein, can, with the correct care and attention, maintain their sound for a century or more, but, generally, an English piano lasts about 80 years; German ones, a bit longer. J Reid ferries them to a warehouse in Tottenham, north London, breaks them up with a sledgehammer and throws them in a skip. In rare cases, if the owner feels particularly attached to an instrument, and he or she has space, they will eschew sensible economics and pay for a restoration.

The upright taken apart by the JCB in Bristol was well past its sell-by date. Today, only about 4, acoustic pianos are sold in Britain each year — around grands and 3, or so uprights — compared with 14, in the late s. Hardly any are made in Britain. We made our first piano — a square piano — in By , the company was hand-making a piano a day in its workshop in Soho.

Every high-profile composer who came to London bought one, from Haydn to Chopin. One was even sent to Beethoven in Vienna, although that was not a happy tale.

Dating Pianos

The same piece, on a modern piano Problems playing these files? Modern piano For more details on this topic, see Innovations in the piano. In the period from about to , the Mozart-era piano underwent tremendous changes that led to the modern form of the instrument. This revolution was in response to a preference by composers and pianists for a more powerful, sustained piano sound, and made possible by the ongoing Industrial Revolution with resources such as high-quality piano wire for strings , and precision casting for the production of massive iron frames that could withstand the tremendous tension of the strings.

Over time, the tonal range of the piano was also increased from the five octaves of Mozart’s day to the seven octave or more range found on modern pianos. Broadwood square action click for page with legend Early technological progress in the late s owed much to the firm of Broadwood.

Antique Chickering Pianos. June 14, // by Piano Emporium. The Chickering piano company was established in by Jonas Chickering and James Stewart. It was the first piano company in the United States. The factory was located on Tremont St. in Boston, MA.

Mechanical Details and Variations Piano Actions Pre Seeburg pianos typically have no stop rail to limit the travel of the stack pneumatics, neither on the stack nor on the piano action. Post pianos have a stop rail on the piano action, allowing the pneumatics to have a little extra span and providing for manual adjustment of the stop position of each pneumatic.

Pneumatic Stacks Seeburg numbered its pneumatic stacks with steel die stamps, starting in and ending sometime in In the first series, known numbers run from through Probably after , a new numbering series was begun, usually stamped in smaller numbers, with known numbers from through , then a large gap, and then one much higher number, The new numbering series does not necessarily begin with the late style two-tier stack design, but more information is needed to pinpoint the change.

Restoration, rebuilding, repair, tuning, and service for the world’s finest pianos

The same piece, on a modern piano Problems playing these files? Modern piano Further information: Innovations in the piano In the period from about to , the Mozart-era piano underwent tremendous changes that led to the modern form of the instrument.

How much does it cost to tune my piano? Some of the most commonly asked questions about our services relates to piano tuning and how much it costs. The simple answer to the question is that all pianos differ, and the rates will vary.

Paul McDonald sinks his axe into his fifth piano of the day. Simon O’Dwyer “At least one of the pianos we have done today was years old, so the stories it could tell would be amazing,” says McDonald, filling a big blue bin with torn strings and hammers. Advertisement “Often the piano has been in the family for generations and it has sentimental value; it’s more than just a musical instrument,” he said.

The kids might not want it, so it has to go. And when it’s time to go, it’s time to go. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. Gail Goninan, of Goninans Piano Removals in Sydney’s south, says she often tries to find homes for unwanted pianos, including kindergartens, the Salvation Army and church groups. Eddie Tichelaar, of abc Pianos in Melbourne, took three uprights to the tip last week.

A worker covered her eyes: Pianos have a lifespan of about 80 to years, he says, but fewer if not tuned every year. Tichelaar strips recyclable bits such as ivory key tops before dumping them. Many people prefer to invest in new or like-new pianos from Asia, he says.

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The age of a piano matters a great deal for it’s value and can tell a lot about the way the piano was manufactured and what kind and quality of wood was used to build your piano. Due to their towering height, these instruments usually had string lengths and musical capabilities equal and often superior to actual grand pianos, thus being labeled “Upright Grand”, “Cabinet Grand” or “Inverted Grand” by their manufactures. Special name brands can elevate a piano 1 grade.

Condition is the key to the value. The age of your piano is determined by the serial number. Click on Image And Maker This was the era that the design of the piano was being perfected by manufacturers.

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German Renner Action Parts The images above can be enlarged by clicking on them The reasons we choose this maker is a track record of proven quality since , and exact geometry reproduction for vintage Steinway and Sons pianos. Renner produces more than 3 different shank and flange configurations, and 3 different wippen configurations. These choices provide the exact fitment needed to make a vintage Steinway perform and feel perfect.

The quality of the Renner hardwood Hornbeam used on the parts exceeds the specifications of maple, and the center-pinning is always firm and sluggish-free. The premium blue Renner hammers produced are offered in many different sizes and weights that can exactly duplicate what was originally intended for use in the vintage Steinway action. The Renner hammer uses Wurzen wool felt which is considered the premium material to make a hot pressed hammer. Renner action parts are currently used by the finest piano makers in the world which include: Nothing we have used in the past comes close to the quality of Renner parts.

Genuine American Steinway factory action parts The images above can be enlarged by clicking on them Simply stated, the American Steinway factory replacement parts have undergone a tremendous improvement in quality over the last few years. Steinway currently offers 2 different American shank and flange configurations standard round maple shanks, and a new hexagonal maple shank , and their standard wippen replacement.

The pinning of the components is outstanding, and fit and finish work have improved measurably throughout the wippen bodies. The addition of the hexagonal shanks is another tremendous step in maintaining stability of the hammer angles with less shaft twisting. The factory Steinway hammer is a cold pressed design which utilizes liquid lacquer in order to build tone up in the component.

The felt density has greatly improved, and absorption of lacquer is even and consistent all the way up the scale.

Restoration, rebuilding, repair, tuning, and service for the world’s finest pianos

This design placed the bellows vertically and underneath the reeds, and served as the model for the suction operated American-style reed organ. Initially they built only upright pianos featuring a patented method of tuning and maintaining string tension which they marketed as the screw stringer and intended as an improvement over the traditional system with tuning pins.

Gertz, an independent piano designer from Germany who had created new scales for them earlier that year. Gertz was elected secretary of the company in , and president in , [5] and had patented the company’s Tension Resonator, a device fastened to the perimeter of the wooden structure of pianos meant to prevent their sounding boards from flattening. This was first included in their grands in It is not short of being a small orchestra.

To determine the age of a Steinway piano we need to first locate the serial number. On Steinway upright pianos the serial number can be located on top of the wrestplank above the cast iron plate when you open the lid. On Steinway grand pianos the serial number can be found on the cast iron plate between the tuning pins above the keyboard.

The piano is an iconic instrument known for its ease of playability, difficulty, and its beautiful sound. Read this article to give yourself a leg up as you learn how to play the piano. Steps Equipment and Setup 1 Acquire a piano. Most teachers recommend that you purchase an actual piano to keep and practice on at home.

Pianos vary widely in style, size, and cost; for most people, a medium-sized upright piano is ideal, as it takes up less space than a grand piano and has much better sound than the most compact styles. Bear in mind that although it’s possible to find pianos for cheap and sometimes even for free, it is dangerous and difficult to move a piano from place to place.

Be sure you have a professional delivery service lined up to help you move your instrument. Keep in mind that after you move the piano it will take a couple hours or a day for the strings to acclimate so avoid playing it for a while. When you acquire a used piano for little or no money off the private market, it’s likely that you’ll need to get it tuned and possibly even repaired before it will be usable. Check your local business listings to find someone who’s willing to make a house call and assess your piano’s condition.

It’s acceptable to purchase a high-quality electronic keyboard if you must for example, if you live in a tiny studio apartment , but it isn’t recommended. You’ll have more trouble learning proper posture and hand positioning than you would with an actual piano, and you’ll never be able to exert as much control over the sound of a keyboard as you can with a decent piano. There are some electric pianos, though, that have their keys weighted to feel like a real piano.

This would be ideal but it may be just as expensive as getting a real piano.

Instruments pre dating the piano from the 1500s and 1600s