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During warmer water years yellowfin tuna can also be caught at this time. Fishing for each species of tuna is roughly the same so regardless of which tuna species being targeted the same fishing techniques apply. During the early summer months schools of albacore tuna first appear in southern California waters following moderate warm waters and bait fish. Usually albacore tuna are caught farther offshore from 40 – 70 miles from the coast. Albacore tuna are located by several methods including finding sonar marks, trolling jigs or feathers to locate fish, and by spotting birds or other sea life. These techniques hold true for all species of tuna with the chasing porpoise technique reserved just for yellowfin tuna. Fishing for tuna in general is punctuated by relatively calm relaxed periods that can suddenly change within a second to wide open biting tuna. Being prepared for when the moment arrives and understanding how the process unfolds will help to take advantage of the valuable biting time. When trolling for tuna from 3 to 5 rods may be used. Usually a couple of the feathers or jigs will be trolled father back and the other one or two closer to the boat.

“NO boat rides, unless you want one”

April 25, Colonel C. Tippett and his big, though not record-setting, and obviously not catch and release, black marlin rod and reel catch, at the Cabo Blanco Fishing Club in Peru. Tippett had the unique opportunity to participate in some of the best big game fishing in sport fishing history.

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Almost overnight, it changed. It got cooler by degrees. Humidity dropped tremendously as well. And the winds came up too. Even had a storm during the week that shut us down for a day. Weird Fishing — Affected tremendously by the abrupt change in weather. Some high spots and some big fish, but overall, the fishing took a dive…or the fish took a dive. Either way, fishing got tougher.

Hate to think the awesome tuna bite of is over. On the bright side…huge huge pargo caught! Incredible catches…and losses of gigantic fish too. Fish Caught This Week: At least for now.

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I really want to thank you for the charter, just a you promised I sent 48 hours on the Bad Company with my son Dante. The experience was worth 40 years awaitting this trip and the pictures and memories will always be one on the greatest points of our lives, me and my son will always cherish it. Norm and I had a great week and as you might already know we even went out a second time, last Friday on the Bad Company.

However, let’s get back to the first trip on Wednesday. First thing, Norm catches a 57 pound dorado. Then comes my highlight, a lb.

Oct 14,  · We were using whole bonito to hook them and losing many fish as well. Captain Victor poses with a smiling Jim Gatti and Nino Bonfiglio from Sacramento CA. Jr and Wyatt Randolph got a double-hook-up on dorado fishing north of La Paz their first day! Great shot! Big smile! Ryan Russel from Boise, Idaho worked this big tuna with our.

Lauderdale, Florida foot, Lb. Their trip landed them 7 huge Dorado in addition to this monster marlin! Not bad for “giving it a shot”! Welcome to Cabo, guys! Scott says “It’s a trip my youngest talks about every day, and will stay with him for a lifetime. Juan and Roberto are for sure two of the best captains I’ve fished with. I’ve fished Cabo for 16 years, and had my most memorable times with Cabo Fishing!

Tim and friends really rocked it this day, with two great marlin catches and some huge dorado. Tim says “We had a blast fishing on the Miranda. It has always been a dream of mine to catch a marlin, and these guys worked really hard to get us one! They work great as a team, the captain was able to spot things in the water we couldn’t even see, and knew just where to fish!

They really tended to our separate needs and were very informative and friendly!


Our solid reputation and repeat clientele has been built on customer satisfaction, and the ability to catch fish! Miller Time offers several trips to fish or cruise the Florida Keys. We value your business and will do everything in our means to provide you with the best experience.

At Cabo San Lucas SportFishing, We pride ourselves on having the Top recorded hook up ratio All Cabo San Lucas fishing charters. With Service, and Cabo Fishing .

A modest stranger with an out-of-place derby hat saunters into a dusty Western town and sneaks through the swinging barroom doors. He timidly enters the card game with an impressive pile of chips. Staring in amazement, they all realize all bets are off — and the chips just fell in his favor. Fast-forward to , in another dusty Western town full of fresh faces showing up for a big game.

During a leisurely walk one day, he came across a man washing a boat in the marina. He went back to Southern California and promptly bought a foot Tollycraft named Picante. Then he decided to make the trip to Cabo to enter the Big Dance. Nearing Cabo up the Pacific side of the cape while making his way to the Bisbee, Gentile saw a huge marlin jumping, and he made note of the area.

On Day One of the tournament, he and his crew raced to the numbers. Within the first hour of fishing, they hooked a pound blue marlin, one they were confident would take the daily. Courtesy Picante Sportfishing Later in the day, a second fish was hooked.


The road was re-paved again in and is an easy drive for almost any vehicle. Because of the easy access via the paved road Bay of L. As the Baja traveler drives the last few miles down the road towards Bahia de los Angeles, the Sea of Cortez and the offshore islands explode into view. This is one of the most spectacular vistas in all of Baja and well worth a stop for photograph up the small hill on the left side of the road.

Whether you are hoping to hook your first Billfish, score a slam, or compete in one of the world’s most famous tournaments, Cabo has the answer. Come in October to witness – or take part in – Bisbees Black and Blue Tournament and experience one of the highlights of the world’s sportfishing calendar/5(K).

Non-stop action, excellent table fare and unbelievable variety and color all are ingredients that make rockfishing an attractive and interesting fishery. I first became interested in our local rockfish angling and made my inaugural trip to the Farallon Islands some years ago. It was fall of Fish were literally flying over the rail that morning in numbers and varieties I had never envisioned were available off our coast.

Two, three, and four at a time they came, flying out of the water and crashing onto the deck. We were limited out in no time and began the long tack home. Most had their catch filleted while we cruised to port, but I thought that such a fine load of fish must be displayed to mom and dad at home. Although my euphoria was quickly erased once the task of cleaning what must have been a sack of fish overcame me as well as the unfavorable look from my mom as I drug the bulging sack of denizens to the kitchen door it was nonetheless a life altering experience.

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Wayne kept in contact with me and moved our trip a day later and juggled another client’s trip. He checked the weather on in the AM and it was a go. My father, son, grandson and I caught our first dolphin. The mate, Casey, was awesome and worked well with my 6 year old grandson, Aden. Like Arnold says “I’ll be back!

Sibling Sportfishing at Cabo San Lucas. On a dream fishing charter, two brothers catch yellow-fin tuna, dorado, and striped marlin. Fernando, the first mate, grabbed the rod and quickly set the hook as Adam sat down in the fighting chair. with Adam bringing up a small but feisty yellow fin tuna.

And why it has become the largest tuna tournament anywhere in the world. This year, a record turnout of international teams journeyed thousands of miles from as far away as Spain and Luxembourg. The number of teams signed had already climbed north of and was still climbing. This was encouraging news for staff and sponsors as they confirmed that all supplies, prizes, trophies and swag had arrived safely as they began the task of unpacking the countless boxes filled with sponsor giveaways, tournament T-shirts, bags, hats, fishing rods, rod cases, lures, line, hooks and more.

The Mold Craft team of Frank W. The fact that yellowfin tuna info was hard to come by was a growing concern even though both local and visiting anglers had been pre-fishing. Anglers had become tight-lipped Was it the usual pre-tournament silence or had what the locals been describing as one of the best and most phenomenal big-tuna seasons ever finally dried up? Or been seined out. The balmy night with a harbor full of sportfishing boats of every size imaginable sparkling in the moon light was the backdrop for the Jackpot Staff and Sponsor Party sponsored by Captain Tony’s.

The location was the balcony above the Pisces office, hosted by the Pisces Fleet, where old timers and newcomers mingled with locals and dignitaries and the climbing number of entries was a major topic of conversation. Highlight was the usual noisy debate centered on where the big one might be found – caught chunking on the Gordo or flying a kite among the porpoise offshore?

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Click to view larger image Family: Acipenseridae Sturgeons Genus and Species: The body of the white sturgeon is long, roughly cylindrical, and has five rows of bony plates on its back.

As the hook is drawn up your wrist and hand the curve prevents it from engaging. As the hook comes to the web of skin between your thumb and index finger, the point encounters the inside of your hand, with the gap of the hook and its shaft on the outside.

November 18, Zyg Gregorek and daughter Anna, fishing a full day offshore out of Flamingo went tuna fishing catching 4 nice ones, ranging from pounds! They had a sailfish bite but no release. They also caught a 15 pound dorado. The fishing was slow the first half of the day but the crew stayed after it, trying new spots and different lures and the action got hot.

We ended up with 8 sails and 1 marlin another marlin got off after a nice fight. I have fished Costa Rica for many years but February 8th was a highlight. Gamefisher 2 works hard to make sure your experience is world class. In my opinion, they are the best in Costa Rica. We made the Marlin University pros look bad that day. Don Rolader Alpharetta, GA When I first met you, I knew instinctively that we were certainly going to catch fish — and catch fish we did, 15 was my last count!!

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Another great day, a little cloudy but the water temperature stays warm and that is encouraging for the Blue’s come, so we feel very fortunate because last Tuesday 28th we had one of the largest catches had been since start the Blue Marlin season in Cabo. The Captain Olter Schcolnick reported the following experience: Our journey on board the Ursula IV began at 6:

Top Cabo San Lucas Charter Fishing Captain hooking up just 15 minutes before line’s out. the close of fishing on the final day of the tourney! what are you waiting for? The boys are ready, the fish are biting and the weather’s great. RedHot Sportfishing Charters in Cabo San Lucas is truly fishing at it’s best at a price that can’t be.

With the seasonal rains coming to an end, the bay is mostly clean blue water with plenty of bait and hungry fish. Puerto Vallarta is rocking in November amigos! Corbetena has exploded with Black Marlin to lbs, Blue Marlin to lbs, with Sailfish at tournament winning sizes. Be advised that Marlin are north of the rock from 2 to 6 miles. We saw many Yellowfin Tuna running, depending on the day, from 40 to 80 lbs. One Yellowfin tuna weighed in at lbs for the tournament. Tuna are running in and out, so the Tuna many times are a hit or miss.

Having said that Corbetena is on fire and well worth a ten hour day. El Banco, on the other hand, has been ignored. The local wisdom says go to Corbetena, sometimes zigging when others zag can mean the bold get rewarded. At Punta Mita after the torrential rains, we had about four days ago produced a beautiful trash line.

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