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All 10th grade students are in Symphonic Band with Mr. All th grade students are in Wind Symphony with Mr. Rehearsals occur during 1st Period 8: Hable’s Band Room or Mr. Hook’s Band Room Dates and times for performances can be found on our Calendar page.

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What is the Java Platform? An intermediate JVM makes the Java language device independent because each JVM on the various platforms interpret byte-code the same way. Microsoft added Java language support after the initial release of their. The Microsoft Visual J. NET Redistributable Package 1. Microsoft’s does not make use of J pronounced J Sharp code like other Java implementations.

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Crystal Rennicke on November 28, Lots of us spend the weeks before winter break searching for a cute craft or two that students can make for their parents. These easy Hanukkah and Christmas crafts for kids to the rescue! They are perfect for those of us that need a little help in the arts-and-crafts department, and they make great parent gifts too. Homemade Button Ornaments These adorable ornaments are made with just a few items you probably already have and the kids can make them with no problem at all.

With little effort or real crafting skill, they can make something that can pass off as a great parent gift. By Stephanie Lynn 2. This fun craft for littles and requires almost no craft experience. My Name is Snickerdoodle 3.

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This would not be a problem if you don’t connect to the net as the Zaurus is a single user environment and you are the only one using it. However, if you intend to connect your Zaurus to another computer or a network, or even the internet, then creating a zaurus user to run things as would be a good idea.

You should also consider a firewall. To create a zaurus user, use the adduser command to add the zaurus user and then set the suid bit on busybox so the zaurus user can su and do other things. Resume and Suspend The suspend and resume is a bit flakey. Sometimes, the hard disk light does not turn off, but a subsequent resume and suspend will make it suspend with lights off.

No Connection Between Homeschooling and School Shooting Posted in Homespun Blog on Thursday, October 16, Nearly two years after Adam Lanza murdered 20 children and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, a task force is proposing tighter scrutiny and control on homeschoolers in Connecticut.

The following is a list of victims killed by a gunman on the campus of Virginia Tech on April 16, , with links to their personal Web pages where available warning: Friends created a memorial page on Facebook. Alameddine’s mother, Lynnette Alameddine said she was outraged by how victims’ relatives were notified of the shooting.

Two kids died, and then they shoot a whole bunch of them, including my son. Christopher James Bishop Bishop, a year-old German professor known as “Jamie,” wore his hair long, rode his bike to campus and worked alongside his wife in the foreign languages department at Virginia Tech, according to the Los Angeles Times. He was known for his gentle manner and generosity toward students. He is the son of science fiction writer Michael Bishop.

He was a nice and helpful person. He helped run an exchange program at Darmstadt University of Technology in Germany. According to his Web site, Bishop spent four years living in Germany, where he “spent most of his time learning the language, teaching English, drinking large quantities of wheat beer and wooing a certain fraulein. The master’s student in civil engineering and water resources also received his undergraduate degree in civil engineering at Virginia Tech and was getting ready to defend his thesis.

He had already accepted a job in Baltimore, Marshall said. Bluhm moved from Iowa to Detroit to Louisville, Ky. His parents moved to Winchester while he was in school, so Blacksburg became his real home, Marshall said.

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Welcome to Computer Science Educators , I hope we’ll be seeing more from you. When we learn coding, “public” is kinda the default way most of us think. You have to realize there’s value in constraining your options before you can understand why you want private. I think this series of examples using a wallet is an excellent argument for why sometimes you want constraints. I don’t introduce package private and protected in the same lesson as private and public, because there are 3 principles that I want them to absorb that ultimately motivate the entire system.

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Print article Handing in homework. Remembering the clarinet for band practice. From a tender age, children are expected to organize their environment and manage their time. But learning to prioritize and plan requires memory and focus. This can be particularly difficult for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD , but organization can be a big challenge for children without ADHD, too.

To help, kids need systems and cues to bring them out of clutter and help them take control. These tips will help you get your child organized for school and teach her strategies for managing assignments and deadlines. Separate ongoing projects, finished work, and school and art supplies into labeled bins, folders, file cabinets, or an under-bed box. Provide a shelf for books and a bulletin board for reminders. Give your child a stapler, a three-hold punch, and big binder clips.

Give your child a pad of sticky notes and encourage him to post special reminders on mirrors, doors, and elsewhere. Give your child a daily planner to keep track of deadlines, appointments, events, and so on. Encourage her to keep a daily to-do list, and teach her to prioritize by dividing tasks into two groups: Prepare for the next day.

The Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction, 2nd Ed.

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Overview. This course will teach you how to write application essays—for college, for grad school, for scholarships, for just about anything academic.

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